A Review by My Brother: Kindle for All Generations

I just bought the Kindle Paperwhite 3G 2nd generation and the results with it have been very impressive. With a stunning 6” display and an adjustable backlight to suit your reading style, it is the best reading experience you will ever get. The 3G network connects directly with Amazon Whispernet and its partners, enabling you to have a 24X7 access to the Amazon store. High speed internet is free with the 3G model of the Paperwhite; it allows you to download All Amazon content from the web browser. I am an extensive reader and almost all the books which I read are available for a lower price in the Amazon eBook store. Most Classics are free on Kindle and English teachers will find this a breakthrough device to read and teach.

It is a onetime investment of Rs. 13,999, and you will have enough books to read for a lifetime because the Kindle allows you to store around 1000 books on your device and unlimited storage on the Cloud. It is a boon for all voracious readers!

My family was not very keen on the idea of buying a Kindle, and my sister never stopped complaining about how there will be no opportunities to ‘smell the pages’ and hear the sound of paper as each one turns, and how the Kindle will ruin the reading experience. My mother only talked about the harmful radiation from electronic devices. But my father came to my rescue and said the Kindle device will help you read more and better, and it indeed has. When I used to read hardcopy book, I did not understand the meaning of difficult words and instead of checking their meanings in the dictionary, I just ignored them like most lazy children. But, now all it requires to check a meaning or to look for Wikipedia information about a word instantly is just a simple touch! My experience with the content has also been amazing, all books are available at a much lower price and you can also subscribe to free newspapers and magazines from http://www.webtoread.com. While reading a book you can easily highlight or add notes and you can adjust the light you need depending on the situation. You can read in the bright sunlight or in a dark room with no lights on. Most parents’ concern maybe that it will harm the eyes, but Amazon (and me too!) assure you that it does not. It is a scientifically proven fact! You can indulge into your book and read from dawn to dusk sipping hot coffee and relaxing.

The Kindle is simple to use but it is a very powerful device. The world runs on technology and we must progress as well! Update to the Kindle and find a new world of awesomeness awaiting you..!

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2 thoughts on “A Review by My Brother: Kindle for All Generations

  1. Hey Swastika 🙂
    Its Bhavya here… Remember we met at the interview in Delhi. Well i have got into Kamala Nehru Cllg for psychology honours. Hope u r doing something great too. All the very Best 😀
    Take Care… Keep smiling nd keep writing :* :*

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