Because Life Is A Symphony

Music is by far the best healer in the world, and can do you more good than any tonic. I can probably try and equate the healing properties of music to that of chocolate, and music still seems to have a slight edge.

For me, music is a powerful force, fumigating the spirit and soul, and successfully chasing away any intrusive thoughts that may have tainted the landscapes of our mind. Music allows for introspection; music allows for vibrant parties. Music allows for sad musings; music allows for happy jigs. Music is an outlet; music is perhaps the best input you can get. Music takes you away; music brings you closer. Music rises as a potent concoction, a magical potion with properties that can heal everyone who needs healing. I thrive on my music and I can’t do without it – because dark nights and bright mornings, eccentric mood swings and sudden urges to spontaneously start dancing – all of it needs music, and it needs good music. 

Music, in today’s world, has different connotations, and like food, everyone has their own tastes – somebody who prefers listening to slow, sad songs with a lovely lilt in the singer’s voice will cringe and appear disgusted around a heavy metal fan. But that doesn’t really matter – as long as you have that one song which will comfort you on any occasion, be it a John Lennon or an Eminem (I understand this comparison can seem preposterous to some, but that’s the point I’m trying to make here, so please bear with me), you will get along just fine. The genre doesn’t matter, the singer doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is whether you feel the song’s sheer power and whether it soothes your soul.

Today, I find that a lot of people tend to get influenced by the choices of their peers and ride the bandwagon, swaying to the hip beats of some apparently cool songs. The world has different kinds of ‘cool’. Your kind of ‘cool’ does not have to correlate well with your friend’s kind of ‘cool’. It is absolutely alright to have unique tastes and preferences; beyond everything, make sure you retain your authenticity. The kind of music you listen to should reflect the kind of person you are – and it mostly does if you allow it to, just as much as shoes make a strong style statement. For example, I honestly enjoy listening to Amitabh Bachchan’s rendition of the Hanuman Chalisa, and an instrumental version of Vaishnav Jananto (See link here: And this is something I’m not embarrassed about, because for me, these things are as cool as One Republic and Hunter Hayes (Again, forgive the unrelated comparison because it can be understandably ridiculous to some, but it makes sense to me, and like I said, it’s all about being authentic.)

I must now share some of my all-time favorite music with you, and this is undeniably the more interesting part of this blog. I’ll rank my top five favorites, from old times as well as new. So here goes!

1. The first spot I have four favourites!

i.) Mirrors by Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake is a genius. Mirrors is a pensive song, with just the perfect beats and a voice so transcendent it steals your heart. The video is incredible, too. The first time I heard Mirrors, I put it on repeat and let it play for fifteen times in a row. The lyrics are reflective as well. My favorite line reads, “Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul, I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go…” Lovely.

ii.) Secrets by One Republic: I’ve loved this song for the last five years and each time I hear it, I seem to love it even more. The song is easy going, with a sheltered rebel spirit underneath and a sense of liberation. It makes you come to life each time you hear it and if at all there are any burdens which are weighing you down, this song will whisk them away. I love the drums too! My favorite line from this song goes, “Till all my sleeves are stained red, from all the truth that I’ve said…” Very, very profound. 

iii.) Ekla Cholo by Amitabh Bachchan (Movie – Kahaani): This is a powerful, powerful rendition and the song is so meaningful. It inspires you in more than one ways and leaves you thinking. And of course, it’s Big B, so it has to be charming. Absolutely divine.

iv.) Empire by Shakira: Do I even need to say anything?

2. I have three songs for the second place.

i.) Paradise by Coldplay: For a stormy day, this is the best. It reinstates hope and faith, and when life creates the illusion of you falling down, this song tells you to escape the jeopardy and gather the courage to pick yourself up again. My favorite line, “Every tear a waterfall, in the night, the starry night, away she flies…”. Classic!

ii.) Imagine by John Lennon: I reckon there’s nobody who doesn’t appreciate this song. A sublime single by a star who will forever shine. The lyrics are brilliantly meaningful, and though this song has been misinterpreted by some, the idea it portrays couldn’t have been more beautiful, neither could have been the way in which it is portrayed. Let’s transcend all boundaries and pave way for a long-standing dream, a dream called One World. My favorite line from this song is, “You may said I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Sophistication, relaunched. Such depth!

iii.) Millionaires by the Script: This song is so awesome, it really needs no explaining and side lines. The Script is magic. And not just this one, a couple of others too, like If You Could See Me Now, but I like this one the most.

3. I’ve got four songs for third place!

i.) What Goes Around Comes Back Around by Justin Timberlake – Darn, this man simply has a sexy voice. The beats are catchy and once you’re hooked, you’re hooked! The theme is clichéd perhaps, but besides that, no negatives here!

ii.) Hey There Delilah by Plain White Ts: An all time classic. This song is simply exquisite. Long distance relationships make an interesting theme, and there’s love, a tinge of pain and longing, and more love in this song. A perfect song for an idle day; it’ll make you smile more than once. Oh, it’s what you do to me!

iii.) Fix You by Coldplay: I don’t know about you, but this song has always managed to fix me. When you try your best, but you don’t succeed, you simply stop the tears from gushing down your cheeks and play this song. It is beautiful. My favorite line is, “Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones.” ‘Tis true, you know, lights will always guide you home – the inner lights which manifest themselves in your soul – those are the ones which will always guide you. Always.

iv.) Mockingbird by Eminem: A relatively recent entrant. I started listening to Eminem not so long ago. I remember hating Eminem since forever, because the cuss words always put me off – however cool the rest of the rap was. But this song’s different. There’s emotion running through every line and for once, I didn’t find a rap song harsh or mind-numbing. My personal Eminem favorite; that’s why it’s on the list.

4. I have four songs on the fourth place. Read on!

i.) Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by U2: Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been a big fan of this particular song. It’s refreshing (perhaps a little haunting too) and I love the music. The lyrics aren’t as insightful as the othe’s on this list perhaps, but well, they do make a little sense – and when the beat’s so alluring, you just don’t bother too much! My favorite lines here, “Believing in yourself, Almost as much as you doubt…” Oh yeah!

ii.) Alligator Sky by Owl City (ft. Shawn Crystopher): The first rap song I ever fell in love with! (That was before I heard Eminem, just for the record.) I’ve sung along with this one many times and it never loses its sheen. My favorite lines are from the rap verse, “Uh, now I’mma dance like I never danced, Sing like I never sing, dream like I’ve never dreamed, Or try to, ’cause we’ve been lied to, that the sun is something that we can’t fly to.”

iii.) Monster (Eminem ft. Rihanna): I’ve never been a Rihanna fan, but hell, Eminem is too good. My favorite lines, “Now I need an interventionist, to intervene between me and this monster, and save me from myself and all this conflict, cause the very thing that I love is killing me and I can’t conquer it.” A very meaningful song, with bits of agony written all over it and streaks of introspective rebellion. A classic.

iv.) Stereo Hearts by the Gym Class Heroes (ft. Adam Levine): This song’s been with me since a very long time and cheers me up every time I listen to it. I only pray you never leave me behind, because good music can be so hard to find. I take your hand and hold it closer to mine, thought love was dead but now you’re changing my mind! Yeah! This is a sure-shot hit. And Adam Levine is obviously unbeatable.

5. For fifth place, I have two songs!

i.) All of Me by John Legend: This is now on the fifth place because it is the most recent entrant, but given how addicted I am to this Legend and his mesmerizing voice, this song’s going to climb up the list pretty soon. I’m  not particularly a fan of love songs as such, unless of course, they have catchy beats. This one doesn’t, so typically, I hate such songs because I don’t like slow love songs too much. They are a botheration. But this one, this one has completely captivated me. I listen to it endlessly and I can never get bored. This song makes you feel alive, real, soothes you and simply magical. And the best lines, “You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose, I’m winning…” *deep sighs* It’s a great song, really.

ii.) So Good by B.O.B.: When I first heard this song, I must have heard it twenty or twenty-five times in a row and I couldn’t help it. It’s fantastic. The beats leave you shaking your head from side to side like a distorted hippie, but no one really cares, because no one gets between you and the music you love. It’s a crazy, classy song!

Just a note…this list is subject to changes because you never know which other song you fall in love with. 


3 thoughts on “Because Life Is A Symphony

  1. Hello once again from Arvind 🙂

    Well,this was once again, an immaculate piece.And you seem to have quite a good ear when it comes to music. For example, I too love “Imagine” by John Lennon that on the day of any examination, I listen to it at least a five times. The part “you can’t call me a dreamer because I am not the only one…” shall always stay fresh in my memory that I always wonder “Why Lennon’s so epic?”.It’s as mind-refreshing as the movie “Rocky” is. Same applies to “Ekla Cholo” rendered by Amitabh. I never knew any Indian music. Leave Bengali, in fact I struggled with Hindi at school since I moved here.But ever since this song, I listen to all languages, whether its Asomese, Russian,Telugu,Arab,Farsi,Turkish,German, whatever.

    And btw, you titled the piece with the word “Symphony”. I thought of seeing some real compositions here,but your choices are a real deal to beat them.But,I would say, you gotta listen to vocal-less instrumental.God,they can be refreshing,lacerating,unleashing, everything infact.I would recommend my favorite compositions to you; trust me,you’ll never regret listening to them!

    a) Lux Aeterna, Clint Mansell

    This piece is said to be a “requiem” ( requiem is funeral music). But the unique and beautiful composition this sad composition has shall force you to be lacerated and pounded by some force you don’t even know. It’s a beauty, and has millions of lovers that it has already been adapted in movies like the Lord of the Rings and Requiem for a dream.

    You MUST lend an ear to this.

    b) Alex descends into hell for a bottle of milk, U2

    This begins with a deadly sounding Latin excerpt from Korova’s Bar, a part of a book named “A Clockwork Orange” by Anthony Burgess. The song is a quiet,instrumental composition by Bono of U2.

    c) Death is the road to awe, Clint Mansell

    Another marauding long piece from Mansell. This piece has a portion of transition towards the end that get everyone up listening!

    d) With Great Power, The Abbey Road Choir

    Too short when it comes to length,but quite awesome

    e) Audiomachine, Nordica

    There is this awesome build change at 1:18 that makes this song a real beauty… was used in Lord of the Rings once.

    f) Yumeji’s Theme, Shigeru Umebayashi

    This composition has a beautiful mastery of the violin…it was used in the Japanese romance movie In the Mood for love…this piece sounds more like a romance piece but possesses a great mastery of the violin,whatever it is!

    g) Comptine d’Un Autre Ete, Yann Tiersen

    This was a part of the Audrey Tautou movie “Amelie” (the movie’s epic as well). This composition has a beautiful performance on the piano…forced me into introspection on the night when I first heard it.

    h) Lost but Won, Hans Zimmer

    I think you know Hans Zimmer right? Zimmer is one epic guy, he has the most epic compositions when it comes to theme music or instrumental. This song was rendered for the movie “Rush”. This song gave me a real adrenaline ruesh, indeed.

    i) Rise, Hans Zimmer

    This one’s from the ‘Dark Knight Rises’. Another epic go at a composition.

    j) something Indian, “A Life full of Love”, Anirudh Ravichander

    This is the only composition from an Indian composer I have actually heard in years. The score was composed to be a part of the movie “3”, the same movie which had the hit “Why this Kolaveri?” but I don’t think it figured on the screen.

    Great work,once again,


    Arvind ‘Viz’, 17


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