The Need For Constant Evolution            

The human mind is like an ever-expanding factory. Units like our memory and attention span integrate different information and work endlessly to produce good results which enable us to meet our targets. But what happens when there are no targets? The workers and managers of our factory then become dormant, having nothing to work upon and nothing to integrate. The mind is a storehouse of infinite organizing power, but it always has to be fed, so it can be in constant motion and keep adding to our knowledge about the world and its people.

When we decide to shut ourselves from the world and from and knowledgeable information, the mind not only slips into a transitory state of dormancy, it also tends to experience a shift from positivity to negativity. Like they say, an idle mind is indeed the devil’s workshop. On days when we are occupied with achieving and doing something worthwhile, our mind works diligently and we see admirable results. There is a general sense of optimism and fulfilment. But on other days, when we decide to simply ‘switch off’ and do nothing productive for a very large period of time, more negative and intrusive thoughts are likely to find their way into the chambers of the mind. When you do nothing purposeful, you’ll find yourself wondering and mulling over the purpose of life itself, and a solemn sense of alienation is likely to descend over you.

So, the point I’m trying to make is: Your mind gives you an eternally fertile ground for growth. You have to cultivate it using your knowledge, and planting new seeds of incredible information. The moment you stop doing that, you invite meaninglessness and negativity. You have to try to evolve and grow constantly to harness the complete power of your mind. It is okay if you move slow, as long as you do not stop walking.  



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