Change is often the subject of my frequent musings and more than the concept of change, I tend to dwell on the human perception and perceived reaction to change. Change can be either negative or positive. We often react positively and with much excitement to the positive changes that occur in our lives. But there is no compulsion for us to react negatively to the negative changes in our life. A profound dialogue that Remy says in the famous Disney movie Ratatouille, which happens to be one of my all-time favourites, remains unforgettable. I quote, “The only predictable thing in life is its unpredictability.” Change is constant and change is inevitable. Change is also necessary, if we humans want to be more than just black-and-white figures painted without much grace on a boring landscape called life.

Positive change needs no elucidation as such. We all not how to deal with that – pray, thank, throw a party, make a toast – that’s more like the pretty picture in life. But as many times as change is positive, change can also be negative; it can have an adverse effect on our lives and loved ones. But we need to learn to deal with that too, don’t we? John Maxwell once said, “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” Change can be like gentle breeze, descending over us slowly and giving us time to get our act together. Or, change can be a blunt, brutal force, coming in like a ricocheting bullet giving us hardly any time to react. But between every stimulus and every action, there lies a golden moment of conscious choice. How we understand and use that moment will determine the future course of events. If we can think calmly and keep our cool during those moments, change will be no big deal. We simply have to realize that everything we do in our lives in our responsibility and our conscious choice. Whenever we are faced with change, we need to take decisions, and more than looking for answers on Wikipedia and Google, it’ll be a darned good thing if we decided to browse through our own conscience.


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