All planned?

There’s a general observation which seems to be nagging me lately – the human urge and urgency to plan every moment of life – every day, every hour, every minute, and the sheer desperation to stick to that plan. Sometimes, we fail to meet our own expectations and tend to be too harsh on ourselves because everything did not happen as planned. Sometimes, even the most stringent dose of self-discipline does not yield results which we, in fact, planned to achieve. We adhere to our values and principles and do what we are supposed to, exactly in the manner it’s supposed to be done, and yet, we are not satisfied with what we have achieved because that is simply what we hadn’t planned. Planning is good, but over planning, with an acute dosage of over thinking, can inflict colossal damage upon the human mind. When we pose the same question/problem to our mind over and over again, the mind tends to numb out and lose its innate energy and thinking capacity. Sometimes, we just have to let these questions linger around in the chambers of our mind without building too much pressure on ourselves, and the answers will automatically emerge.

Life is  a contingent event. I am alive right now, the next moment I could be dead. But that doesn’t have to keep me from living and enjoying every moment of life. The problem arises when we delve into the What’s and How’s and Why’s of everything in life. “Why did this happen? How could this happen?” are frequent questions with which we tend to burden ourselves. Something goes wrong, despite all the efforts we’ve taken and all the hard work we’ve put in, and we simply cannot stop chiding ourselves for being so ‘stupid’. We complicate life redundantly. I’m not trying to say that we shouldn’t try and understand what went wrong and how we can prevent ourselves from making the same mistake in the future. The point I’m trying to make is that we should all not get so worked up about the mistakes we make, the challenges we have to face, the things that go wrong and our infinite fallacies. We are all human beings and we are not perfect. Somewhere down the line, we may trip and fall and make the silliest of mistakes. But the beauty here lies in the fact that after every fall, we have the ability to rise and redeem ourselves again.

Life throws chances at us, beckoning us to get up and fight our obstacles, but we fail to embrace these because we are too busy mulling over why we fell in the first place. There are answers in the universe, but some things in life – they just happen. Some things go wrong because perhaps, they were meant to go wrong. It doesn’t always mean that we have to blame ourselves – or for that matter, blame anyone at all. If we do something with passion, courage and determination, and give it all we’ve got, then the outcome doesn’t matter. What matters is the process. At the end of the day, life’s always going to come full circle and life’s always going to be fair. So we just have to learn to steer our boats along this river of life and take the course which life has planned for us.

We can never plan everything in our life, but our life has everything planned for us. We simply have to trust the dynamism of the universe and its Creator, and keep moving forward…This is life, planned and unplanned, bitter and sweet, but beautiful all the same.


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