Does God Exist?

They ask,

Whether God exists or not,

They mock his presence,

They question his existence,

They ask for proof,

Which is no sin, but let me ask them:

Do you have any proof, my friend,

That you exist at all?

Does your birth certificate

Define your existence?

Is a passport enough

To identify your mind and soul?

Do you have a passport, in fact,

To journey into heaven and beyond?

I would say no.

You exist,

Because you believe you exist.

The same applies to the Almighty.

He exists,

If we believe He does,

For the world is nothing but

A product of unwavering faith.


I am only a dilettante

When it comes to Science.

But I can tell you one thing-

Everything in life is not

A mere science experiment.

CCTV cameras can never

Record everything.

If you do want proof

Of God’s existence,

Why not simply install

A CCTV camera in your soul?


3 thoughts on “Does God Exist?

  1. Wow…happy to see some one writtin this way at this age…and off course a brilliant way of bringing it to ppl…
    wish u keep doin it…
    Wish you go miles before u even realize…

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