Only A Shade Of Black And White

If the oasis of truth can pierce through

An ocean of gnarling lies,

I believe we must somewhere see,

The innocence in our own eyes.

The tapestries of time have

Seen darkness and sunrise,

Legends are only those that

Stand through the lows and highs.

I am a wanderer here,

Yet I try to surmise,

An ineffable truth

Veiled by a weak disguise.

They say I’m lost, but am I?

They say I’m much too wise,

They mock the hope I hold

With their cynical sighs.

The sinner will sin

Through day and night,

The giver will give

As I solemnly write.

The universe moves in circles,

It’s sole mission to spread light

But then again, the world is

Only a shade of black and white.


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