Happy Republic Day

I see, painted across the wall,

Discoloured splotches and splashes

Of red, white and green.

They speak to me, ruefully,

In a spiral of nothingness.


The butterfly of freedom

Sits forlornly on

A flower of withering nationalism. 

Integrity fades, a mere silhouette now

Against the backdrop of corruption.


Our country is built

On the pillars of sacrifice and unity.

But what have we today

As conclusive proof of evolution,

To show to the mighty men

And soldiers from yesteryears?


Are we thanking them

By jeopardizing Indian honour?

Is prejudice and mockery of the law

Our way of expressing gratitude

To those noble men

Who laid down their lives

For this very country?


We must begin now,

We have risen, and we will rise,

Slowly, and steadily,

Striving towards change,

Upholding our hard-earned honour,

We  will walk and walk and walk

With infinite patience and fortitude,

Towards redefining ourselves,

Rethinking our policies,

Redrawing the boundaries,

And reforming our beloved nation.   

Happy Republic Day!


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