I Am A Wanderer

I am a wanderer;

I walk across the planes

Of lust and life.

I meander on these hills

Of sure uncertainty.

I saunter around the rivers

Some grubby, grimy,

Some a reflection of purity.

I am an ambling rabbit

Who has lost her way

In the world’s thick shrubbery.

I search and search and search

For meaning and purpose.


I call on my inner voices,

I ask them to guide me,

I ask them: Where do I belong?

They tell me, keep walking

Walk and walk and walk

Straight ahead on one chosen path,

And you will see the light

That you have been seeking.

But the moment you stand still,

You stop, you wait, you give up

On searching,

That is the moment you will have lost.

That is the moment when

You will drift into nothingness.

So don’t stop, don’t give up

Walk and walk and walk

And one day,

You will meet your purpose.



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