Right. I promised I’d write about Cricket (in the earlier post about ideal Friends and Family, read it if you haven’t!), and here I am, with a deluge of thoughts pouring into the temporarily vacant chambers of my brain. I don’t know when, why or how I fell in love with Cricket. I really don’t! Yet, I do love it all the same, and more than any other sport I have played or watched in my life.

One (extremely valid) explanation can be the fact that I’m Indian.

Indians and Cricket. Wow. I feel like I’m attempting to explain something which could possibly take years and years and years of writing across a million pages in the universe, in a mere single paragraph. Just for the record, I’m not being sarcastic. It’s a very profound relationship- us Indians and the unconditional love for Cricket.

Different religions, castes, communities, backgrounds, tastes and opinions. A lot of boundaries, a lot of conflict. We rise, and we fall. We fall, and we rise. Mostly, we love fighting. Whether it’s simply bargaining with the street vendor, “Damn you! I’m paying only 20 bucks for these potatoes.” or perhaps talking about the Great Indian Elections, “I swear to God Kejriwal is going to win this time! Modi should probably give up his dreams of Modi-fying India!”…We simply enjoy fighting! I know I digress, but it’ll all make sense, so keep reading.

In a nation like this, it is evidently hard to find a common thread, a link of unity, something for which all of us stand together, regardless of our creeds and castes, something about which there are no two opinions. And this is what Cricket has given us. It gives us hope, players to cheer for, victories to celebrate, losses to mourn about, an occasion to travel away from the stresses and sorrows of life and stare unblinkingly at the television screen. And how we enjoy it! Every moment – beginning to end. Those nail biting finishes which leave our hearts nearly in our mouths, the boundaries, the singles, the toss, the commentary, the piquant controversies, everything about the game does not only have immense national importance, but people often tend to give personal meaning to the game – “If I stand for these last five overs, I’m sure Sachin will score a century!”, “I’m standing with my back to the television, that’ll probably ensure we win this match!”, “One more slice of this delectable cake and we’re bound to win!”…if this seems ridiculous, you should perhaps try looking at the faces of some ardent supporters when they make such statements. You’ll probably feel like asking them “Why so serious?” but I’m telling you, please don’t, because whenever anybody tries to disturb an Indian when he is watching cricket (things like switching off the TV randomly or running away with the remote, making senseless commentary that does not pertain to Cricket in any way), I warn you, you are bound to be punched – and punched very hard. I already told you about how we love fighting! And oh yes, we do have to learn to keep our calm when the team goes through its rough patches. But there is always some solace. Manchester United’s going through some rough times now, but I’m sure that enthusiastic supporters trust it will bounce back. Same’s with Cricket. Everybody has their bad days at the office.

We are honestly of the opinion that days on which important Cricket matches are being held should be declared as National Holidays. Cricket is, after all, a religion. And being the winner of the most recent 2011 Cricket World Cup just adds to the glory and glamour.

Cricket is much beyond the bat and ball. I have another exceptional reasons for loving Cricket: my grandfathers, who support the game very, very passionately. I have conversations at length about Cricket with them, and they are all highly animated, even slightly aggressive! It links our thoughts and opinions, and is a such a great way of bonding. We look at the TV Screen and make remarks as if the players can actually hear us at the moment! Comments like “How the hell did he get chosen for national team! He doesn’t know HOW to hold the bat!” and “THIS guy is going to make sure we lose! Thank you, yes, thank you so much, you blithering idiot!” are most certainly ubiquitous. But it’s all so much fun and it gives us so much joy.

I must talk about Cricket players too, my personal favorites and the ones I don’t like too much, but I’ll save that for another day.

Here are some images I hope you’ll enjoy!









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