Things that make me happy #1: FRIENDS AND FAMILY

There are so many things in the world and around the world (come on, I’m looking at life on Mars and beyond very seriously now) that manage, in the simplest of simple ways, to bring forth unlimited joy and a flurry of smiles. Like everybody else, I have my own list of ‘things that make me happy’, which have, over the 17 years of my existence, established an integral niche in my life. Of course, some of them may sound extraordinarily naive, but they make me happy, and that’s the whole point. Every post henceforth will cover one of these things in life, and I’m hoping some of you will be able to identify with them. So here’s the first one!

1. People – Friends and Family

Right from our old yet young, sweet and wise grandparents who pride themselves to be occupying the top most berths in our family hierarchy, to our meddling, annoying distant cousins, and the uncles and aunts who make it a point to very insightfully remark “My Gods, you’ve grown so much!” every single time they meet us…Yes, that’s family.

Family is happiness. Family is crazy. Family is love. Family is the one place you can count on when everybody else in the world stands against you. And to quote Lilo and Stitch, “Family means nobody gets left behind”. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.


Then obviously, we all have our beloved friends – the trusted, ‘goody-goody’ best friend forever, the ‘one-who-tells-me-all-the-hot-gossip-at-school’ friend, the stupid friend who makes you laugh but that’s about it, the sociopath who’ll never ‘fit in’, the friend who’s a downright geek, the movie buff, the food dude, the friend who you almost wish wasn’t your friend…Oh, I’m going to save this list for another day.

But I believe that the best kind of friends are those with whom you can have meaningless, irrational conversations, argue endlessly on insignificant topics, those who manage to make you laugh (in however stupid a manner!), those who appreciate the beauty of life and live to the fullest, those who are preferably thick-skinned when it comes to the irrelevant issues in life, people in who’s company you can be who you are, those with whom you can connect not on a mere superficial level but establish a spiritual understanding, who have a considerably good taste in music, movies, books and food(!), and most essentially, those whom you can confide in and trust at all times, because you know that underneath all the drama, there is a sensitive, understanding individual.


People believe that best friends are those who can see eye to eye with each other, who share the same perspectives and viewpoints about everything in life.

But I believe that’d just be downright boring! We strive for variety, for difference, so we can learn more and enhance our thoughts and personality. Having the same opinions and views is a baseless criterion for friendship!

I have some very interesting (and a few funny) quotes about friendship I’d like to share:



…And now for the one quote about friendship that sums up everything…It’s my favorite! 


Coming up: The Second Thing In Life That Makes Me Happy. Clue: It’s a bat and ball game. (Yes, yes, it is Cricket…kind of obvious when it’s an Indian talking about a sport!)


4 thoughts on “Things that make me happy #1: FRIENDS AND FAMILY

  1. Friends are not those who think what you are, but are those who change you from what you have been. And for the family – the world is the family.

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