So I didn’t pretty much know about the little furry thing that somehow managed to enter our backyard earlier this week. I couldn’t even see it clearly; it concealed itself quite prudently in the midst of the thick shrubbery.  I don’t like these things, you know, kittens and pups and guinea pigs and apparently sweet mice. For one, they are creepy…obviously a little of the ‘Awww..’ factor might be involved when you see them initially. But at the end of the day, they are creepy as heck. Bouncing up and about your house like they own the place, doing whatever they please wherever they want..and you just got to put up with the stuff because well…damn it, they are adorable. I really never understand how I manage to do it, you know, how I manage to contradict myself every single time.


I decided to finally look at the woolly creature that sat huddled there, apparently immobile. It was a cat, yeah. Baby cat. Oh, that’s called a kitten or something, I guess. Like I told you, I’m not very fond of these things, but mark my words, when you initially see them, there’s this surge of warmth, and love, and joy and all you want to do is cuddle the benign creature. I put my hand forward to stroke the thing’s head…the kitty’s head. It moved. It clawed at my face. Damn that cat! So much for being nice, eh! I can never seem to understand how in the world these pretty little things can have deadly, almost fatal claws. I got lukewarm milk for her…still enthralled by her charm. I decided I’d probably need a name because although I am totally against the idea of keeping her for a pet…I’d have to be a hospitable host as long as she decided to make my backyard her darn home. So I called her ‘Micro’, not because she’s small or anything…but just because I was struggling to grasp some Microeconomics concept for the paper we had the day after. That’s how unimaginative I am.

Right, where were we? The milk. So as soon as I got it for her, she lapped up in a jiffy, her head fixated on the bowl at a convenient angle. She looked emaciated; she probably needed this desperately. I thought to myself, I must really get back to studying now, but decided against this almost as soon as I thought of it. This thing…’Micro’ was absolutely, amazingly adorable. Cute kitty. I gave it some crushed biscuits then…cause seriously, I’m not going to go around the place looking for mice and rats and weird things which cats eat. It finished its meal and I headed back inside. But even before I could pick up my book, Micro started scratching and screeching and meowing (that’s what they call it, right?) as loudly and disturbingly as she could. She wanted to come into the house! What a bummer. I couldn’t possibly do that!? I’m not even fond of kittens. So I just went out and sat beside her, trying to study – but that wasn’t possible, you see, because after every  two minutes, she’d lick my leg and try somehow to climb into my lap. For goodness sake, I had an exam tomorrow! As if she’d ever understand that. I just kept sitting there, naive and irritated, looking into my book, completely aware of the fact that  I wasn’t reading a single word.

 My little brother came back, equally ‘Micro’ in stature. He found the kitten irresistible, and couldn’t stop running along, playing with it. He was frankly quite afraid of the little devil. She stayed at our place till evening, and decided to go back to where it came from. I felt a little nostalgic; suddenly I just didn’t want it to go. But who am I to curb a cat’s freedom. So she went away…trudging along on her little kitten legs, her little kitten tail wagging as she walked (I bet Lady Gaga and Britney Spears could learn a few lessons on how to get the ramp walk right). She then turned around, suddenly, and her magical blue eyes met mine for a split second…wow. I was going to miss this cat..kitten, okay, whatever. She turned back around and continued, and disappeared into nothingness. And I watched and watched and watched, hoping she’d maybe turn around. Damn. I miss her now. I really hope she comes back. I waited for the next two days, but eh, there was no sign of Micro.

 Someone told me an auto rickshaw killed her right outside my colony. But I’m not going to believe that. I’m just going to wait for that miraculous, diabolical, adorable little creature to come back someday and mesmerize me all over again. Maybe she does, who knows…and I think she really liked me, again, who doesn’t?


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