What Goes Around Comes Back Around

A silhouette sways, somewhere afar

I see it through blurred lines,

Brewing somewhere in my heart,

Is a hailstorm of kinds.


I forget now what my dreams are,

I stand still, stark;

I search somewhere, for a twinkling star

An illusion of light against pitch dark.


A fire burns, devoid of hope,

I look for ropes to cling on,

I struggle to stay afloat,

I wonder where I went wrong.


It was the anger, maybe

Or perhaps the envy and greed,

This trial is harder than it seems,

I head towards solemn defeat.


I think now, of all the people I hurt,

And apologies I denied,

I ask myself now, frank and curt,

Will I even have the courage to meet their eyes?


My magnified ego, and all the lies,

The false notion of unworthy pride,

Now confront me as time flies,

And I, I don’t know where to hide.


This realization is cold,

I look for some sympathy around,

But I am merely told,

“What goes around comes back around.”




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