Busy being cool? Time to rethink!

1: “Hey what’s up?

“Nothing bro, all cool!”

2: “You want a cup of coffee?”

“Nope, I’m cool.”

3: “You saw the new movie?”

“Yep, it’s darn cool.”

4: “That new kid in school…he’s pretty cool!”

“Yeah, cool guy!”

5: “I’m just fed up. I swear to God I’m going to…”

“Hey, just cool it down, okay!”

6: “I’m sorry about the argument yesterday. Anyway, we cool?”

“Yeah…it’s all cool.”

7: “Stage fright…oh geez…it’s killing me, man!”

“No biggie, just be cool, okay?”


‘Cool’ today seems to have unquestionably become a ubiquitous commodity. While Maslow, in his renowned hierarchy, talks of self-actualization being the ultimate level of human development, today’s youth seems to have embarked on an altogether different course, ‘The Quest for Coolness’.

Cool, they say, is a behavioral characteristic. Cool is an epithet, and cool has supposed aesthetic value.

The immortal melodies of the 70s and 80s? They have been wiped out by the very cool(and evidently meaningless) Bolly beats and raps. The ‘cool’ clothes, the ‘cool’ music, the ‘cool’ movies, the ‘cool’ books, the ‘cool’ people – cool has become the ‘in-thing’ today.

This cool factor is remarkably contagious. It’s not just the youth. Anybody trying to appease the youth has to be apparently cool well. Let’s not talk about hotshot companies coming up with strategies to ‘be cool’, because frankly, that is too mainstream.


Take NaMo (Narendra Modi) for example, and a lot of other political leaders all around the world and in India. While some would label them using Twitter and other social networking sites for their electoral campaign as efficient use of the virtual media for the achievement of political motives, we know that it is just a simple strategy to win over the largest majority of our population – the youth.

What’s more, we see our grandparents, with their horn-rimmed spectacles, staring into the disconcerting computer screen, their fingers struggling with the mouse, their eyes strained to make some sense of what ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ is. So much for being categorized as cool and fitting in with the new generation! Gone are the days when people would be regarded with reverence for their gentlemanly demeanor – today, it’s all about being a ‘hipster’ and a ‘cool dude’.Image

Honestly, it’s time we all cool down a bit. In this quest for coolness, we seem to forget some essential values of life. Being cool is cool, but not at the cost of complete diversions from our goals in life. It’s wrong to go to any extent, and cross every limit for the sake of being ‘cool’ and ‘fitting in’. Let’s not add this paradoxical tinge to ‘being cool’. We should all retain our identities and be who we are, rather than varying our views and perspective about life just so we can continue to have a ‘cool status’ in our peer groups. Majority of the youth who unreasonably consume alcohol and drugs, and smoke, do it because their friends do it, and apparently it’s ‘cool’. But we all know it is not. Let’s grow up a bit and learn to look beyond simply being cool,because the coolest thing in the world is to remain who you are and stand up for the things and people you believe in at all times in life…regardless of whether other people think it’s cool or not. 


Just PS: itz incrbly unkewl 2 usee sntncs lyk dis while typin…annyin n irritatiz…so plzzzz…cud ppl juzz staahpp doin dis?! it reellliiii duzn mk ya kewll ya know?

Sorry for being a Grammar Nazi there, but I think you get the point!

PPS: Just a tip, it’s cooler today to use ‘awesome’ instead of ‘cool’.

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