Life, Unadulterated and Unedited

The world, the people, the people of the world, the world of the people, time and tide, life and death, joy and sorrow, myths and facts, right and wrong, truth and lies, friends and fiends, moments to cherish and moments to forget, days to deliberate and days to sing, soft silence and loud silence, replays and rewinds, race and religion, believers and atheists, thoughts and emotions, Math and Science – Sometimes I wonder what a painstaking, grueling mess this whole universe is. And I wonder, at the same time, how in the world can the world manage to maintain its equilibrium – the whole balance of things – ever so subtly and steadily. I wonder how we manage to find our way in this terribly beautiful, intricately woven web of life. We turn the pages in this book of life and move on to new chapters, some of which can be so displeasing – we might consider leaving the book halfway and sulking in our own little cocoons of anguish. But mostly, these chapters are like a breath of fresh air, so incredible and glorious. What a lovely read this is – the book of life, written in a cohesive, delicate partnership – in which we hold seventy five percent of the stakes, and the remainder twenty five percent can be accredited to some amount of luck and destiny.


But the fact of life is that we are all so afraid. Yes, afraid is the right word for this world. We are all tantalized and withheld by fear. And we are all constantly fighting. Mind you, this battle which I refer to with such candour is not a battle between men and women, brother and brother, nuclear wars between countries or anything as such of extreme material importance. It is the battle which rages within each of our peace-starved, sadly loveless hearts. We claim to understand the world so perfectly, to analyze the ups and downs of the stock market, to predict inflation and deflation, to simply know just everything about the world that the mortal eye can see. But there’s something that none of seem to understand – Ourselves.

How many of us know who we are, where we come from, where we want to go, what we want to do and how we want to accomplish our purpose? Not many, unfortunately.

Apparently we don’t have enough time. We are busy inventing new devices for mass destruction. We are busy lending our support with such great fervor to our beloved NaMo or RaGa. We are busy earning money. We are busy spending money. We are busy whiling away our time at our workplaces. We are all just so awfully busy that we have not one moment to pause and appreciate the beauty of things, to introspect and realize that petty self-centeredness gets us nowhere in life! We think that with all these technological and industrial and economic revolutions, we have achieved the pinnacle of development and understanding. What has not undergone a revolution is the mind! True progress will never be made unless we realize that the fault lies in how a ‘normal’ human being thinks. We need to think beyond ourselves, we need to think for the world, for its future. Let’s ask Mr. Ego to step down for a while, let’s put that next appointment on hold, let’s switch off our mobile phones and televisions and not tweet or update our Facebook status for once, let’s just all decide to close our eyes and look inside for true, genuine peace!


3 thoughts on “Life, Unadulterated and Unedited

  1. How you came to this point?
    “we hold seventy five percent of the stakes, and the remainder twenty five percent can be accredited to some amount of luck and destiny”

    • That fact is pretty common place, actually.
      Although we are truly the masters of our destiny, sometimes the turn of events in life turns out to be such that it either favors/does not favor our dreams and current endeavors. Those events can be attributed to luck. When we don’t know why something happened in the first place (assuming that we did not prepare for a particular activity), we just tend to say..”Oh yeah, I’m a lucky person.” So yeah, luck does matter, though only to a minimal extent. And what I have learnt is, that luck favors the wise. Luck is that horizon where talent meets preparation. 😀

      • I think that luck should hold 1% share. Because if you’re truly into your task nobody can stop you. The souls of this world understand that this is your heart’s saying and they clear your way. Luck is not a thing to cherish but you have to avoid chances to let it creep in.

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