“I’ll be Up, Up And Away, Cause They Gon’ Judge Me Anyway…So whatever!”

I should begin by telling all of you what inspired me to write this. In a short Tweet conversation with an acquaintance, Naimish, I came across this phrase which he used for describing the problems and sorrows of life…it read ‘Maybe cause people judge’. It impacted me, pretty strongly at that. So I’m writing this…for Naimish and a million others like him in the world who are probably dejected because of the way the world perceives them. Here’s to you guys! And thank you, Naimish, for saying that, or I’d probably never thought of writing this. 

“Don’t judge me. I’m not perfect, and I most certainly wasn’t born to please you.”

These retorts seem to have become quite a catchphrase, and what’s unfortunate is that we cannot completely disregard them. People judge, people misjudge, then people judge again.

People use their theories, preconceived notions and prejudices to make judgements about other people. People try to shy away from novelty and newness; they find in amusingly hard to see another capable human being’s perspective. Without a tinge of rationality and openness, they simply declare their judgements about other people. Of course, yes, it is a free world and each one of us has the right to express our opinion about anything at all, but do we have the right to indiscriminately judge them even before a few words are exchanged or some research is done? Is this, after all, the motive of life – to look at people, judge them and pull them down, and do nothing of significance ourselves?

We expect everyone around us to think just like us, and that is what kills all impetus for creative minds. When people come up with something new, we already tell ourselves how terrible it is going to be. We scoff at the other person and waste our time. Why not just scoff at ourselves, though? The other person at least tried. And what did we do? Just sit there, watch the ‘drama’ and send down a volley of often insensitive comments. Huh. How commendable is that.


What I’m trying to say here is, that we should use the gift of education that has been endowed upon us for something beyond what our textbooks say. This is practical intelligence. Let’s not judge people without developing a thorough knowledge base.  Let’s just mind our own business. And if we have to judge someone at all, let’s just judge ourselves. That will reveal the most astonishing results of all. That kind of introspection is what will help us rise above petty differences among people and make connections that stretch to the spiritual level and beyond.

And for all those people in the world who feel that they are being judged wrongly, I only want to say one thing. Continue to be who you are and continue to do what you do as long as you believe you are doing the right thing. The truth is, at the end of the day, we will all be judged so why care at all? Let’s do what we can with what we have. People will judge anyways. But know for sure, that the only person who has the right to judge you is yourself. You make your own judgement. 

Before I sign off, I suggest you all to listen to ‘Up, Up and Away’ by Kid Cudi.

Just stay afloat. The key is hope!


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