Hey there, Thank you very much!

It intrigues me. Each one of us is gifted, painted intricately on this landscape of life by the Almighty’s elaborate brushstrokes. Each of us is fortunate in ways beyond our imagination. There are countless things in this world for which we should be utterly thankful. Yet, I find a striking majority of us wallowing about the great troubles and stresses of life and about how supposedly ‘unlucky’ we are, about how God, whom we slyly bribe once in a while with a box of sweets or prayers uttered without any apparent devotion for good marks or promotions or things likewise, is so ungrateful to us and about just how terribly unfortunate we are to be who we are and where we are. It is highly convenient to blame life and God, and luck and voodoo, and just about everything that dons the face of the earth for our intolerable fate…convenient, yes, but absolutely wrong.

Trouble knocks on our doors, and we complain dismally, “Why Me, God?!” When fortune pays us a visit, none of us bother to ask the same question. 


The attitude of gratitude is the most essential value in life. We must be thankful. We must feel obliged. Every day when you complain, make it a habit to counter the negativity by thanking life and God and the wonderful people around you. ‘Thank you God for the food we eat’ – it doesn’t have to be about your new XBOX or iPhone 5. Millions die hungry in the world – but you aren’t one of them. Millions are fighting cancer – but you aren’t one of them. A considerably large proportion of children are orphans – you aren’t one of them. Count your blessings. You can’t; they are infinite.

And yes, thank you for going through this post so patiently.


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