Nothing? Not quite.

Nothing. A beautiful, beautiful word. One of my favorites. Concise, sublime, succinct…with a subtle profoundness that lends to it the happy characteristic of being everything. Life is full of questions; we are full of questions. We search endlessly for answers, unearth information that may initially seem to be devoid of meaning, but as time passes, we understand that every bit of what we collect along our infinite journey will amalgamate into a bigger picture. I have only begun writing, yet I digress.

So what was I even writing about? Right. I was talking about nothing at all!

I am pained greatly by the world’s notion of being continuously engaged in something or the other, being continuously at work or at play; our uncontrollable impulse to do something simply never ceases. For once, we must simply do nothing. Why can’t all of us be like vagabonds looking for new paths and journeys as we stumble across the crevices of life? We have dreams, yes; we need a purpose to drive us forth. But we do not essentially need to be so occupied and preoccupied that we are unable to find time for anything else in life. We overthink everything. We overthink the problems in our life, then we overthink their solutions…so at the end of the day, we are pulled back to exactly where we started. We must quieten the soul and mind, coax them, give them the nutrition they need and give them the rest they crave for. It isn’t necessary for us to be burdened all the time. Businessmen don’t have to evaluate the position of the Stock market 24 X 7. Students, even those in higher classes, do not need to sulk and sit in that dark, dusky corner of their home with a textbook in their hand that they very wholeheartedly despise. That’s isn’t learning!


We all need to take time off and submerge into the paradise of being nothing, doing nothing and forgetting about the existence of the entire world! Nothing is the very beginning of everything. It is our journey to the life beyond life. If we take away the little moments in the day where we oblige ourselves and indulge in self-introspection, life loses it’s meaning entirely. If we take away those five minutes of unending gossip, or talking to a friend who makes us happy, or that brief Facebook chat with a dear friend, or tweeting to a celebrity for the hundredth time, or playing that video game we only just bought, or staring at the television screen while Johnson bowls at a startling pace to the awe-struck English batsmen, or perhaps just doodling on the last page of our Math notebook, or sipping that cup of coffee while thinking the most random thoughts possible, or merely taking a walk – feeling the wind whisper softly into our ears…then we are paving the path towards self-destruction! Yes, focus is necessary. We’ll get to nowhere in life without being focused. But, almost equally essential is to charge the human battery once in a while. To endeavor into nothing.


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