Amusing Musings

I find myself, day after day, night after night, pondering about life and how beautiful everyone and everything around us is, about how blessed we are in uncountable ways and how our spirits, souls and minds are a center of constant rejuvenation and infinite hope. Yet, I know that too many people give up much too easily, much too often. Our circumstances overwhelm rationality of thought and harmony in our actions. We are storehouses of power, and we are the ones who are supposed to control our circumstances. Yet, circumstances seem to control us. Small things today like greed, materialism and envy coalesce into long term problems that affect us both physically and psychologically. Life seems like a paradox, where all our energies seem to be directed towards living another person’s life. The catchphrase today is “I wish I was just like her!”, “I can’t believe that he has a new pair of shoes and I don’t”…why are we wasting our time aspiring to be people we are not? As far as my knowledge goes, I studied malleable and ductile as properties of certain metals in Chemistry, which are most certainly not applicable to our minds and hearts. We need to steel our mind and body to achieve clarity in thought. We need to rise above our circumstances. We need to look beyond fear. People fear death. Then, people fear life. We do wrong things today, and fear the abominable consequences tomorrow. We fear monday-musings-gatsbythe outcomes of the wrong we must have done in our past. We fear today, tomorrow, yesterday. We fear people we meet. We fear ourselves, in fact. The supposedly most superior living being on the face of this Earth is simply afraid!

At the end of the day, it’s not going to be about how long we lived. It’s going to be about how we lived. It’s going to be about the legacies we leave behind, the lives we touched and the people we inspired. The secret to success is inspiration. We have to be continually inspired and motivated. And the biggest source of inspiration is we ourselves. Every morning, we must look in the mirror and see the person we aspire to be. We must tell ourselves that today can be the day that can change our lives, the day when long-awaited opportunities will finally knock on our door. We must be who we want to be. No one can define our limits, except ourselves…No one. So today, step outside your house, take a deep breath, embrace the bounty of nature (although that’s becoming a little hard, thanks to pollution; but try your best anyways!), let go of all your worries by telling yourself they can never last, smile a little, smile a lot and be who you always wanted to be…


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